Tips on Selling Timeshare Properties


It is evident that buying a timeshare is easier that reselling one. The process of the purchase of a timeshare will make you receive emails, phone calls and emails inviting you to attend timeshare presentations. Some even offer gifts if you agree to attend to their presentations. This will give them a chance to convince you to buy the timeshare. On the other hand, selling a timeshare is quite challenging. That is the reason why people are advised not to sell timeshares in installments.

Instead of being a financial investment, a timeshare represents an investment in your life and your dream vacation. Family changes, a change of state or general dissatisfaction can make a person consider selling their timeshare properties.  The following tips will assist them.

Communicate with the Primo Management Group who sold you the timeshare. Some developers offer the original buyer an option to resell their timeshare back to the developer. You can also research whether your timeshare is associated with a licensed broker handling timeshare resale.

Having realistic expectations for the resale is important. It might be quite difficult to accept, but the truth is that reselling timeshare properties earns less than their original price. It is not easy to sell a timeshare if the unit is small, can be used during the off-season or is located in a place that is not popular. On the contrary, a timeshare that is large and offers peak season usage and is located in an attractive place might be easier to sell. However, even if the timeshare sells, it might not bring half of its original price. Your mind should be prepared for that.

Enough research before making the sale is necessary. Know the current market prices for timeshare properties and thoroughly study your documents so that you can understand what you are selling. You should be aware whether the timeshare you are selling is a deeded timeshare or a right to use. Most of the values for the right to use timeshares depreciate especially when they are close to expiring. Having enough information will help you sell your timeshare with confidence.

List your timeshare with a real estate agency or list your timeshare in classified ads offered by many timeshare developers. Some auction sites are also helpful since they will allow you to use your ideas in selling timeshare. Check out to learn mor about timeshare.

You should not commit any offer on the phone. Mostly, phones cause us to make hasty decisions. You should take enough time to make a decision and come to a rational conclusion whether to accept the offer or not. Written documents are also the best. Get timeshare cancellation letter example here!


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